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July 15, 2006
The Like Young: "All the Wrong Reasons", Last Secrets (Polyvinyl)
Giant Drag: "This Isn't It", Lemona EP (Wichita)
Mates of State: "Punchlines", Bring It Back (Barsuk)
Daj: "I've Done Everything for You" [Rick Springfield], I Know You Want Me (Purple Buddha)
[ingenting]: "Slapp in Solen", Sommardagboken EP (Labrador)
Serena-Maneesh: "Beehiver II", s/t (PlayLouder/Beggars)
Noxagt: "The Hebbex", The Iron Point (Load)
Prichard: "Prichard's Lament", demos (n/r)
No Things: "Trees", Trees EP (s/r; Blast First Petite)
Dustdevils: "King Woody", Is Big Leggy 7" EP (Teen Beat)
The Associates: "Party Fears Two", Sulk (Sire)
Fra Lippo Lippi: "Regrets", Songs (Easter Productions)
Andrew Bird: "Measuring Cups", The Mysterious Production of Eggs (Righteous Babe)
Ivor Cutler: "Little Black Buzzer", Velvet Donkey (Virgin)
Daniel Johnston: "Love Not Dead", Discovered Uncovered (Gammon)
Flin Flon: "Darlings", Dixie (Teen Beat)
Matthew Sweet: "Push the Feelings Down", Living Things (Rcam)
Interpol: "Evil", Antics (Matador)
Gomez: "Girlshapedlovedrug", How We Operate (ATO)
Watoo Watoo: "Perdu"

ADDENDUM: Thank you, thank you, it's great to be back. Gave away tickets for the Buzzcocks and Germs today. Woo hoo!

J. is back for good now. Radio Zero will be airing from 9 am-noon for the rest of the Summer.

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