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March 22, 2006
March 16th show
Special Call-In Guest: Steve Wynn (of the Dream Syndicate & the Miracle 3)

The Double: "Idiocy", In the Air (Matador)
Love Is All: "Busy Doing Nothing", 9 Times the Same Song (What's Your Rupture?)
A.C. Newman: "On the Table", The Slow Wonder (Matador)
Bound Stems: "Crimes & Follies", The Logic of Building the Body Plan (Flameshovel)
Ballboy: "I Wonder If You're Drunk Enough to Sleep with Me Tonight", A Guide for the Daylight Hours (Manifesto)
The Young Untold: "Sisters", s/t EP (Yellow Mica Recordings)
Headlights: "Tokyo", The Enemies EP (Polyvinyl)
Field Music: "You're So Pretty...", s/t (Memphis Industries)
F.S. Blumm: "120 Mandolinen", Bettvanille Weiter 10" (Tomlab)
Volcano!: "Fire Fire", Beautiful Seizure (The Leaf Label)
Steve Wynn & the Miracle 3: "Wild Mercury", ...Tick...Tick...Tick (Down There)
The Bangles: "Hero Takes a Fall", All Over the Place (Columbia)
Danny and Dusty: "Baby, We All Gotta Go Down", The Lost Weekend (A&M)
The Dream Syndicate: "Tell Me When It's Over", The Days of Wine and Roses (Rhino)
Ulrich Schnauss: "In All the Wrong Places", A Strangely Isolated Place (City Centre Offices)
Funkstörung: "I/O (feat. Carin)", Appetite for Discstruction (K7)
Walter Meego: "OneFive", "Weekday", n/r (

Much thanks to Steve Wynn for taking the time to chat with us inbetween sets at SXSW (two out of a total of nine shows in four days.) Also, kudos to Mike for asking Steve if the Bangles wrote that song about him, playing the song, and then playing Wynn's response song. All in all a very exciting show!

Also, thanks to Gabriel for filling in when Jackass forgot about his show after ours.



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