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February 09, 2006
The Tragically Hip: "Something On", Hipeponymous 4xCD box set (Universal Music)
Jon Langford: "All Roads Lead Back to Me", Gold Brick (ROIR)
Ariel Pink: "Interesting Results", Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti (Paw Tracks)
The Hummingbirds: "Alimony", Love Buzz (rooArt)
The Fever: "Bridge & Tunnel", Pink on Pink EP (Kemado)
Rogue Wave: "Are You on My Side", Descended Like Vultures (Sub Pop)
Cass McCombs: "Your Mother and Father", Not the Way 2x7" EP (4AD)
The Walkmen: "My Old Man", Bows+Arrows (Record Collection)
Birdskin: "Clockwise", Basement (Thansformed Dreams)
Slovenly: "TFIF", Plug 7" (New Alliance)
So L'il: "Birds", Dear Kathy, (Goodbye Better)
Simple Minds: "All the Things She Said", Once Upon a Time (A&M)
Snowden: "Kill the Power", Snowden EP (
Junior Boys: "Teach Me How to Fight", Last Exit (Domino)
Colder: "Wrong Baby", Heat (Output)
Mew: "She Spider", Frengers (Epic)
Microdisney: "Moon", Everybody is Fantastic (Rough Trade)
Kelley Polar: "My Beauty in the Moon", Love Songs of the Hanging Gardens (Environ)

My apologies to our listeners for missing the last TWO shows. Shit's crazy; some real Horatio Alger-type-shit and barely worth getting into here. (though that hasn't really stopped us before, I guess. As a result Mike was burned and I DJ'd all of today's show. So if you got a prolem, you talk to ME, alright? You come straight to ME. You got it?

Congrats to winner of St. Etienne tix. We'll be back next Thursday at 10 with two tickets to paradise. Or at least two tickets to Cat Power.

Speaking of, leave her alone, you sadistic, vulturous media hacks! You'd never know it, but she can *snap* just like that with roof-raising fury. One time in Columbia, S.C, I saw her jump off the stage, drag a heckler by the crotch of his pants to the front of the club, then throw him bodily through the plate glass window of the club. THEN (it gets better), she -curbed- the poor guy, White Disciples-style. Broke out 15 of his teeth, easily.

BUT, the club window had some neon beer signs that were damaged from her antics, hanging down the hole in the window like glowing streamers. So she grabbed a cracked but still glowing hot red neon tube, pulled the guy's pants down (who by this point was weeping in the gutter, covered with blood and pleading for someone to call the police), and literally JAMMED THE ELECTRIFIED NEON TUBE UP HIS ASS.

But to be honest, thit kind of thing is really a rare occurance with her.



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