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January 12, 2006
The Chalets: "Arrivals", Check In (Setanta)
The Action Time: "Stranded on a Lonely Planet", ...Versus the World (Southern)
Birdskin: "Absolutely Daughter", Transformed Dreams free MP3 comp (Transformed Dreams)
Comet Gain: "Fingernailed for You", City Fallen Leaves (Kill Rock Stars)
Persil: "Happy", Tune-Up EP (Transformed Dreams)
The Chap: "Arts Centre", Ham (Lo Recordings)
Cherry: "17 Years"
Tocotronic: "Pure Vernunft Darf Niemals Siegen (Superpitcher/Wassermann single mix)", 12" (Kompakt Pop)
13 & God: "Men of Station", 13 & God (Anticon/Alien Transistor)
Billy Bragg: "Walk Away Renee", The Essential Billy Bragg (Rhino)
The Fall: "Aspen Reprise", Fall Heads Roll (Slogan)
The Hellos (née Hockey Island): "Dark Like the Weather" (The Hellos)
The Year Zero: "Stranger", s/r (The Year Zero)
Voxtrot: "Missing Pieces", Raised by Wolves EP (Cult Hero)
J Church: "Overconfident", Society is a Carnivorous Flower (No Idea)
The Little Explorer: "Sky", 7" (Time Travel Opportunists)
Novak: "Fruit Cooler", Novak (Hidden Agenda)
Blur: "Coffee and TV", The Best of Blur (EMI)
Steve Earle: "Transcendental Blues", Transcendental Blues (Artemis)
Blueshammer: "Pickin' Cotton Blues", Ghost World soundtrack (Shanachie)
The Dead Milkmen: "Dean's Dream", Big Lizard in My Backyard (Enigma/Reckless)



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