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December 08, 2005
The Mitchells: "Stakeout", Hear Where You Are (Pigeon/Small Batch)
Office: "Oh My", Q & A (Office)
BlackBird: "Am I Killing You (remix)", Kill (Scotti Bros.)
The New Pornographers: "Twin Cinema", Twin Cinema (Matador)
Githead: "Cosmology for Beginners", Profile (Swim)
Rogue Wave: "Are You On My Side", Descended Like Vultures (Sub Pop)
Persil: "New Zong", Transformed Dreams MP3 comp (Transformed Dreams)
The Philistines Jr.: "Last Night James Kochalka Got Really Drunk and Swears He Saw a U.F.O.", The Sinking of the S.S. Danehower (Dot Dot Dash)
Jim Guthrie: "So Small", Now, More Than Ever (Three Gut)
The Roches: "Losing True", Keep on Doing (Warner Bros.)
Ron Sexsmith: "Nothing Good", Other Songs (Interscope)
Readyville: "Monica", Readyville (Antenna Farm)
Echo and the Bunnymen: "Stormy Weather", Siberia (Cooking Vinyl)
The Sleepers: "Milky Way", Birthday (The Sleepers)
Sun Kil Moon: "Last Tide", Ghosts of the Great Highway (JetSet)
The Chrysanthemums: "Er", Little Flecks of Foam Around Barking (Egg Plant)
Dýrðin: "Popp Og Co", demos (Dýrðin)
Saukrates: "Ay, Ay Studder", DJ Kicks: Nightmares on Wax (Studio K7)
Break Machine: "Street Dance (vocal)", Street Dance 12" (Sire)

ADDENDUM: Radio Zero will be switching to interim hours starting next week (Dec. 15). The show will air from 9 am to noon for the remainder of December. Tune in for an extra hour of ticket giveaways, sissy music, wheezing nostrils in mics, and obscurist references!



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