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December 15, 2005
The Chap: "Woop Woop", Ham (Lo Recordings)
Frenemies: "Love", Demons and Rare Meat comp (Mission Label)
Ladytron: "Sugar", 7" (Fallout/Universal Island)
Dreams End: "Death Disco", 7" (Smashing Time)
Birdskin: "Concrete Soil", 7" (Rotten Windmill)
The Pipettes: "Because It's Not Love", 7" (Memphis Industries)
The Fall: "Breaking the Rules", Fall Heads Roll (Narnack)
Noxagt: "Acasta Gneiss", The Iron Point (Load)
Boris: "A Bao A Qu (excerpt)", Soundtrack from film Mabuta No Ura
(world version)
(Essence Music)
Volcano!: "Apple or a Gun", Beautiful Seizure (The Leaf Label)
Giant Drag: "This Isn't It", Lemona EP (Wichita)
Office: "Not Her Style", Q & A (Office)
The Honeydrips: "Save Me", 7" (Smashing Time)
The Heartthrobs: "Tossed Away", Cleopatra Grip (One Little Indian)
The Room: "Crying Red", No Dream (LTM)
The Notes and Scratches: "The Cass Song", Uh-Oh (Tense Forms)
The Coctails: "When I Come Around", The Coctails (Carrot Top)
Franklin Bruno: "Bulk Removal Truck", A Cat May Look at a Queen (Absolutely Kosher)
Porest: "Skin Bitch", Prude Juice for the Heritage Swinger (Seeland)
John Trubee/Ramsey Kearney: "Blind Man's Penis"


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