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December 31, 2005
A break from the rokk

J. wasn't on the radio this week due to the winning trifecta of nasty cold, crashed hard drive, and term paper deadline. But the Moron Twins will be back in quasi-full-effect again next week (Thursday, January 5th), so break out the Motorola then.

I just found out that our usual time slot (Thursdays 10 am-noon) has been renewed for the coming quarter, so same rat time, same rat channel, at least thru March or so. We'll also continue to put as much link info as we can in our posted playlists by popular demand (i.e., Travis), including links to MP3s of the actual songs themselves if possible, so listeners can more easily find out more about the self-congradulatorily obscure artists we play each week.

Hey, Happy New Year! And greetings to all our friends, fans, and regulars who've moved beyond the range of our broadcast signal (i.e., 12 blocks or more.) We hope to be able to remedy your RĂ˜ jones some time this coming year with a Radio Zero podcast. We have close to a hundred shows archived in their entirety, dating all the way back to when we first went live back in October '02. We plan to put some of our faves online in downloadable podcast form for the technorati among you. Watch this space for further developments. 'Til then, you may want to amuse yourself with This Line, an audio blog published by me, Dr. Sanders, and Professor Rex; the blog primarily focuses on contemporary choral music, death metal, and anorak pop. (seriously.)

And on a different note, J.'s Top 10 of 2005 will run in the January 7th issue of the Chicago Reader, and'll be posted on that week, too. And look for J.'s ballot in the Village Voice's 2005 Pazz & Jop Critics' Poll, on newsstands January 31 (with completely different picks from the Reader list, incidentally, which to me underscores the essential subjectivity/arbitrariness of all this bean-counting quantitative criticism crap. You know, some of these rock critic goofies start making their P&J list in like the November before the year in question, on tha real. These people have not had sex since around the last time Yugos were parked outside my house. And I know for a fact that a number of these freaks suffer from OCD and/or autism, which both seem to be excellent preconditions for becoming a rock writer. Though with the autism thing, you'd think they'd "rock" more at shows. Anyway, I digress.)

J. Niimi
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