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November 25, 2005
J.'s Thanksgiving Show

F.S. Blumm: "Coop. Comp. v. 3", Sesamsamen (Plop)
Viola: "Sad Eyed Disco Dancers", Melancholydisco (If Society)
Mr. Oizo: "1$44", Stunt 12" (F-Communications)
Kelley Polar: "My Beauty in the Moon", Love Songs of the Hanging Gardens (Environ)
Electrelane: "Gone Darker", Axes (Too Pure)
Mesaplex: "Moon Theme", demo CD-R (Mesaplex, n/r)
Fog: "The Poor Fella", 10th Avenue Freakout (Lex)
Broadcast: "Corporeal", Tender Buttons (Warp)
Levy: "Rotten Love", Rotten Love (One Little Indian)
Headlights: "It Isn't Easy to Live That Well", The Enemies EP (Polyvinyl)
Controller.Controller: "The Raw No", X-Amounts (Paper Bag)
Oh My God: "This December", You're Too Straight to Love Me (
Troubled Hubble: "Dulcinea Duct Tape", Latest Flame Year Three comp (Latest Flame)
Annie Hayden: "Boos", The Enemy of Love (Merge)
Cass McCombs: "She's Still Suffering", PREfection (Monitor/4AD)
Call and Response: "Rollerskate", 7" (Shelflife)
Voxtrot: "Missing Pieces", Raised by Wolves EP (Cult Hero)
The Siddeleys: "Are You Still Evil When You're Sleeping?", Slum Clearance (Clarendon)
Giant Drag: "This Isn't It", Lemona EP (Leftwing/Wichita)
Stars: "Ageless Beauty", Set Yourself on Fire (Arts & Crafts)
Tompaulin: "The Sadness of Things", Give Me a Riot in the Summertime 7" (The Track & Field Organisation)
Bob Dylan: "If Not For You", The Essential Bob Dylan (Columbia)
Containe: "Shooting Me Down", I Want It All (Enchante)
Billy Bragg: "Greetings to the New Brunette", Greetings to the New Brunette EP (Go! Discs) [request]
Epo-555: "Cha Cha When They're Young", Dexter Fox (Crunchy Frog)
My Enemy: "Catch One Word", Roo EP (Yellow Mica Recordings)
Favorite Saints: "Never Turn in Your Brother", Southern Gentleman EP (Play Favorites)
The Boy Hairdressers: "Golden Shower", Golden Shower 12" (53rd & 3rd)
Matt Pond PA: "New Kehoe NJ", The Nature of Maps (Polyvinyl)

ADDENDUM: Very quiet morning; no calls except the request for Billy Bragg. Mike's in Cape Cod.



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