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October 27, 2005
Swain: "Bears and You", The Single (Imaginary Albums)
Sole: "Sin Carne", Live from Rome (Anticon)
Andrew Broder/Fog: "Poppa Large (Ultramagnetic M.C.'s)", More Modern Hits EP (
Food for Animals: "Scavengers", Scavengers (Muckamuck/Upper Class)
F.S. Blumm: "120 Mandolinen", Bettvanille Weiter (Tomlab)
Dýrðin: "Popp Og Co", n/r (Dýrðin)
The Would Be's: "I'm Hardly Ever Wrong", 7" (Decoy)
The Chalets: "David Boring", Nightrock EP (Setanta)
Le Sport: "Your Brother is My Only Hope", s/r (
Girls in Hawaii: "The Ship on the Sea", From Here to There (China Shop)
Controller.Controller: "PF", X-Amounts (Paper Bag)
Art Brut: "Modern Art", 7" (Fierce Panda)
Javelins: "You're Beautiful", Our Hearts Beat Out of Tune comp (Yellow Mica Recordings)
The Young Untold: "Sisters", The Young Untold EP (Yellow Mica Recordings)
Tocotronic: "Alles Was Ich Will, Ist Nichts Mit Euch Zu Tun Haben", Es Ist Egal, Aber (Polygram)
The Ponys: "10 Fingers 11 Toes", Laced With Romance (In The Red)
Mr. Rudy Day: "Downtown", Duty (
Big Joan: "Tiger", 7" (
Geisha: "This Ruined Art", Hymns for the Living Dead EP (Blood Red Sounds)
Grifters: "Under the Ground", Working Holiday Oct. '93 7" (Simple Machines)
Galactic Inmate: "Too Much Johnson", demo CD-R (Galactic Inmate)
Mark Geary: "Beautiful", Ghosts (Signature)
Thingy: "Destroy All Music", Songs About Angels, Evil, and Running Around on Fire (Headhunter/Cargo)
Sun Kil Moon: "Last Tide", Ghosts of the Great Highway (JetSet)
Cass McCombs: "What Isn't Nature", PREfection (Monitor/4AD)



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