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September 22, 2005
Wolf Parade: Modern World (Sub Pop)
Metric: Ending Start (Last Gang)
Oxford Collapse: Back in Corn Again (Kanine)
Uva Ursi: Other World (Uva Ursi)
Hockey Island: Everything Twice (Hockey Island)
Groovski: Currently Women (Groovski)
Sly & Robbie: Boops (Here to Go) (Island)
My Country of Illusion: Bang Bang (Fire Museum)
31Knots: E for Alpha (54-40 or Fight)
Hinterlander: The Feeding (Skinny Chest)
Drekka: What Would the Community Think [Cat Power] (Drekka)
The Rocking Horse Winner: When Songbirds Sing (Ohev)
Kathleen Edwards: One More Song the Radio Won't Like (Socan/Factor)
Kite Operations: A Wonder (K.O.A.)
Brother Egg: I'd Turn Green for You (s/r)
The Boy Hairdressers: Tidal Wave (53rd & 3rd)
Architecture in Helsinki: Maybe You Can Owe Me (Bar/None)
Tralala: The Girls Say (Audika)
Pedro: [songs from Early Pedro] (Melodic)



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