Radio Zero

August 18, 2005
Mew: 156 (Epic)
Burning Love Jumpsuit: Cheerleader (BSM/Greyslate)
Girl Talk: Bodies Hit the Floor (Illegal Art)
R.E.M.: Circus Envy (Warner Bros.)
Dub Sex: Swerve (Cut Deep)
The Mitchells: Vault Anthems (Pigeon/Small Batch)
Primitive Calculators: Do That Dance (Primitive Calculators)
The Paraleisural Uninsurance Temp Agency: Metacompliance (
Champagne Kiss: Black Violin (Troubleman)
Datarock: Computer Camp Love (Young Aspiring Professionals)
Larz: Docks (BBPTC/Narrominded)
Cranebuilders: You're Song (Skinny Dog)
Bullets&Bubblegum: Counting Down (Whatta Blast)
Pia Fraus: 400 & 57 (Clairecords)
Favorite Saints: First Words (Play Favorites)
My Dad Is Dead: My Safe Place (Unhinged)
Medium Medium: Serbian Village (Cherry Red)
Palaxy Tracks: Seems So Long Ago, Nancy [Leonard Cohen] (Peek-a-Boo)



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