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July 21, 2005
The Pernice Brothers: Dumb It Down (Ashmont)
The Mitchells: Flashlight Hunter (Pigeon)
Groovski: Currently Women (Groovski)
Love Is All: Felt Tip (Smashing Time)
Chicago Transit Authority: Free Form Guitar (Rhino/WEA)
25 Suaves: Motorbreath [Metallica] (Empirical)
Sleeping Dogs: (I Got My Tan in) El Salvador (Broken Rekids)
School Meals: Such a Spiv (Edible)
The Charms: Gimme That Shot (Red Car)
Diamond Nights: Destination Diamonds (Kemado)
The Gears: Baby Runaround (Dionysus)
The Hold Steady: Banging Camp (Frenchkiss)
Eyeball Skeleton: Bad Guy Stew (My Pal God)
The Rolling Scabs: My Mom Smokes Pot (Tension Holding)
Coin Op: Democracies (Fierce Panda)
The Cinch: Once a Week (Dirtnap)
The National Splits: Remember Action (Kittridge)



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