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June 16, 2005
The Ladybug Transistor: Here is Your Space (Merge)
Starflyer 59: The Longest Line (Tooth & Nail)
Datarock: Maybelline (Young Aspiring Professionals)
The Go! Team: Panther Dash (Memphis Industries)
Jens Lekman: A Sweet Summers Night on Hammer Hill (Secretly Canadian)
Electrelane: I Keep Losing Heart (Too Pure)
Paleface: Burn and Rob (Polygram)
Comet Gain: (untitled) [Red Menace EP 7"] (Piao!)
Palaxy Tracks: Seems So Long Ago, Nancy [Leonard Cohen] (Peek-a-Boo)
Paul Anka: Eyes Without a Face [Billy Idol] (Verve)
Love Is All: Felt Tip (Smashing Time)
Annie: My Best Friend (679)
Mobius Band: Starts Off with a Bang (Ghostly International)
Living Science Foundation: Seaswept (Second Nature)
Madder Rose: Car Song (Atlantic)
The Oxford Collapse: The Money You Have is Maybe Too Little (Kanine)
Black Lipstick: Throw Some Money at It (Peek-a-Boo)
The Fall: Devolute (Eagle)
The Kleptones: Play (The Kleptones)
Rudimentary Peni: In Crematorium Flame (Outer Himalayan)



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