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May 26, 2005
Nina Hagen: New York New York (Columbia)
James White & the Blacks: White Savages (ZE)
Bikini Kill: Rah! Rah! Replica (Kill Rock Stars)
The Creamers: Milk-Fed Veal Boys (s/r)
Starvation Army: Nasty Bit of Work (Rave)
Obituaries: Hysterical (Highgate)
The Penetrators: Gotta Have Her (Swami)
Civet: Closet Death (Disaster)
Al Foul: Wanted Man (Rock n Roll Purgatory)
Miss Mary: Silly Boy, Don't Be So Sad (Stereorrific)
The Mummies: Just One More Dance (Estrus)
The Hospitals: Don't Panic (In The Red)
Cub: Ticket to Spain (Mint)
Fog/Andrew Broder: Follow the Leader [Rakim remix] (s/r)
Go Home Productions: Ray of Gob (Half Inch Recordings)
The Transplants: Diamonds and Guns (Epitaph)
The Rub (feat. Bill Clinton on Sax): George Bush is an Islamic Fundamentalist [Inside a Whale's Cock comp] (Barry's Bootlegs)
Annie: Chewing Gum (679)
Self: What a Fool Believes (Spongebath)
The Mountain Goats: Pale Green Things (4AD)
The Hidden Cameras: We Oh We (Rough Trade)
Notekillers: Ricochet (Ecstatic Peace)
The Oranges Band: Civic Minded 5 (Lookout!)
Essential Logic: Wake Up (Kill Rock Stars)
Mouse: Caesar Salad (Worry Bird)
Wuhling: Dimdedimde (City Slang)
The Dears: Warm and Sunny Days (SpinART)
Palais Schaumburg: Wir Bauen Eine Neue Stadt (Kamera)
The Star Fighter Pilot: That's Not Me [Hippocamp Ruins Pet Sounds] (s/r)
Robert Wyatt (feat. Ivor Cutler): Little Red Robin Hood Hit the Road (Thirsty Ear)

ADDENDUM: Stay away from that red phone, lady.



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