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April 21, 2005
Sebadoh: Sexual Confusion (Homestead)
All Girl Summer Fun Band: Drawbridge (Magic Marker)
Comet Gain: The Kids at the Club (Kill Rock Stars)
Dave Alvin: Goodbye Again (High Tone)
The Dream Syndicate: Merrittville (A&M)
The Geraldine Fibbers: Swim Back to Me (Virgin)
Meat Puppets: Plateau (SST)
Feist: One Evening (Cherrytree/Interscope)
A.C. Newman: On the Table (Matador)
The Servants: It's My Turn (Glass)
Orange Juice: Falling and Laughing (Postcard)
Eel-Fille Unique: Homme Sympathetique [Global Indie Clubpop Par Avion comp] (Eenie Meenie)
British Sea Power: It Ended on an Oily Stage (Rough Trade)
Low: California (Sub Pop)
The Ponys: Little Friends (Big Neck)
A Frames: Eva Braun (Sub Pop)
A Gun Called Tension: 5 + 1 (Cold Crush)
Bong-Ra: 666 MPH (Supertracks)
Cassetteboy: Fly Me to the Moon [feat. DJ Rubbish] (Barry's Bootlegs)
Sickboy: Ganja Bullet (Audiobot/Robo)
Sickboy: Much Advice Against Everyone (Peace Off)
eX-Girl: Hettakorii No Ottokotou (Alternative Tentacles)
The Warmers: Thin Air (Dischord)
The Cinch: Have a Ball (Stutter/Dirtnap)
VCR: Really Something (Side One Dummy)
Muck and the Mires: I'm Down With That (Amp)
U.S.E.: Party People (live) (Sonic Boom)
Dream Bitches: Dream-Bitch (Olive Juice)



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