Radio Zero

March 24, 2005
Signer: Low Light Sleep (Carpark)
Kraftwerk: Radioland (Capitol)
Stereo Total: C'Est la Mort (Bobsled)
Alan Vega and Martin Rev: Dance (ZE/Antilles)
Royal Trux: Ice Cream (Drag City)
Anubian Lights: Wild Winter (Rhythmbank)
Porest: Skin Bitch (Seeland)
Suckdog: Being in Love (Psycho Acoustic Sounds)
Tower Recordings: 1990's Moire Exchange (Audible Hiss)
Lydia Lunch/Honeymoon in Red: Come Fall (Widowspeak)
Jandek: Message to the Clerk (Corwood Industries)
Half Japanese: I Know How It Feels...Bad (Drag City)
D.Q.E.: City Mouse (The Making of Americans)
Mekons: Last Dance (Sin)
Boz Scaggs [w/ Duane Allman]: Loan Me a Dime (Atlantic)
Joy of Cooking: Brownsville/Mockingbird (Capitol)
The Scene Is Now: Take the Local (Lost)
The Lounge Lizards: Incident on South Street (Editions EG)
Don King: The Don Goes On (Atavistic)
DNA: Lying on the Sofa of Life (live) (Avant)
Essential Logic: Quality Crayon Wax O.K. (Virgin)
The Fall: Neighborhood of Infinity (Rough Trade)
Bastro: Noise/Star (Homestead)
Loraxx: Three Witches on Brooms (Automatic Combustion)
Big Black: Every Man for Himself (Touch & Go)
My Dad Is Dead: Five Minutes (Homestead)
Koenji Hyakkei: Molavena (God Mountain)
The Soviettes: Pass the Flashlight (Adeline)
Tender Trap: Oh Katrina (K)
The Arcade Fire: Une Annee sans Lumiere (Merge)
Harpswell Sound: Funfair (Skycap)
Department of Eagles: The Piano in the Bathtub (Plain)
The Petals: Perihelion (November Rain)
Ronderlin: Wave Another Day Goodbye (Hidden Agenda)
John Doe: Hwy 5 [w/ Neko Case] (Yep Roc)
Githead: Reset (Swim)
The Warmers: Romantic Conversation Dance (Dischord)
Thela: (track #2) (Ecstatic Peace)
Excepter: Vacation (Fusetron)
Petra Haden: Rael [The Who] (Bar/None)

ADDENDUM: Congrats to the winner of the Kills tix.



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