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February 17, 2005
Hollow Heyday: Windscreen (Tantrum)
Fire Party: Only Nine Mottoes (Dischord)
Honor Role: Throwing Rocks (Merge)
The Amps: I Am Decided (4AD/Elektra)
Fire in the Kitchen: MacDeth (Behemoth)
Sleater-Kinney: The Drama You've Been Craving (Kill Rock Stars)
Man Sized Action: On the Phone (Reflex)
Teen Angels: Spread It Around (Sub Pop)
The Lids: Get Lost (Rip Off)
Bob Hocko and the Swamp Rats: Psycho (Get Hip)
Naked Raygun: Surf Combat (Homestead)
The Muffs: Saying Goodbye (Warner Bros.)
PVC: Today Red Tomorrow Dead (Incognito)
The Bags: TV Dinner (Dionysus)
The Chords: I'm Not Sure (Captain Mod)
Pinback: Syracuse (Touch & Go)
The Go! Team: Ladyflash (Memphis Industries)
Madonna: What It Feels Like for a Girl (Maverick/Warner Bros.)
Mice Parade: Focus on the Roller Coaster (Bubble Core)
M.I.A./Diplo: Sunshowers (Diplo Remix) (n/r)
United State of Electronica: Open Your Eyes (Mannheim)
Outputmessage: Bernard's Song (Ghostly International)
The Magnolias: When I'm Not (Alias)
A.C. Newman: Miracle Drug (Matador)
Shalini: Secret Cats (Dalloway)
The Thermals: God and Country (Sub Pop)
Magnapop: Satellite (Daemon)
Blood Brothers: Love Rhymes with Hideous Car Wreck (V2)
Shivaree: I Close My Eyes (Zoe)
The Incredible Moses Leroy: Everybody's Getting Down (Ultimatum)
Que Verde: If I See You Again (Petticoat)
Radiolaria: Starballcontribution (Twist Top)
MK Ultra: Letting Go (Artichoke)
McCarthy: You're Alive (Cherry Red)
The Icicles: Ralphy Rodriguez (Microindie)
Archer Prewitt: Raise on High (Carrot Top)
The For Carnation: On the Swing (Matador)



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