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December 16, 2004

The Fall: The Man Whose Head Expanded (Rough Trade)
Dustdevils: King Woody (TeenBeat)
Drunk Tank: Leadfoot (Radial)
18th Dye: Dive (Che)
Sarah Dougher: Stumble Down (K)
Elastica: Pussycat (Sub Pop)
Eighth Route Army: Wanda Sweeps Out the Sea (Dimensional)
Kendra Smith: Alle Morgens Parties (The Bob)
Exploders: Electric Power (Ripoff)
Doll Squad: Kiss Me I'm Poisonous (Worry Bird)
Elevator Drops: Elevator to Heaven (Time Bomb)
Enon: Listen While You Talk (Self-Starter Foundation)
Enemies in the Grass: Day After Day (Galt)
Even As We Speak: Best Kept Secret (Sarah)
Eskimo Nation: Best of Her Kind (s/r)
Jad Fair: Frankenstein Must Die
Dymaxion: Gebrauchmusik / Cognitive Dissonance Penetentiary (Hemiola)
Fertile Virgin: Dumb Dumb (Harriet)
Finger: Everywhere (Merge)
Essential Logic: Moontown (Rough Trade)
Fish and Roses: Robin Hood 4 (Ajax)
Flying Saucer: A Place / Sandy Says (Homestead)


The La's: Timeless Melody (London/Go!)
John Vanderslice: June July (Barsuk)
Pinback: Soaked (Touch & Go)
St. Etienne: Avenue (Creation)
McLusky: Fuck This Band (Too Pure)
The World Record: Customer (Flatworm)
New Order: Regret (Qwest)
Shoes: This Christmas (Black Vinyl)
Flipper: Ha Ha Ha (Subterranean/Thermidor)
Loincloth: New Jersey (Loincloth)
Floor: Bombs to Abbadon (Berserker)
Dove: One Year After (Berserker)
Melvins: Zodiac (Boner)
Arlo Guthrie: City of New Orleans (Reprise)
Mary McCaslin: Prairie in the Sky (Philo)
Bob Welch: Sentimental Lady (Capitol)
Andy Fairweather Low: Every Day I Die (A&M)
Tom Waits: I Hope That I Don't Fall In Love With You (Elektra)
Pixies: Caribou (4AD)
Low: Slide (Vernon Yard)



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