Radio Zero

November 04, 2004
Daydream Nation
Sleepwalking Through History

Fear: Foreign Policy
Avengers: American in Me
Black Flag: Rise Above
X: We're Having Much More Fun
Phil Ochs: Cops of the World
Bikini Kill: Reject All American
Eater: Thinking of the U.S.A.
Sleater-Kinney: Combat Rock
Blasters: Common Man
Da: Strangers
McCarthy: I'm On the Side of Mankind as Much as the Next Man (Cherry Red)
McCarthy: Now is the Time for an Iron Hand (Cherry Red)
Sonic Youth: Teen Age Riot (DGC)
Adam Franklin: Outdoor Miner [Wire] (Words on Music)
Lush: Outdoor Miner [Wire] (Words on Music)
Chin Up Chin Up: Virginia, Don't Drown (Flameshovel)
The Organ: No One Has Ever Looked So Dead (Mint)
The Chords: So Far Away (Captain Mod)
The Bangles: Doll Revolution (Koch)
The Killers: Smile Like You Mean It (Island)
Fur Cups for Teeth: Boxed Lunch (s/r)
Human Television: Tell Me What You Want (Gigantic)
My Bloody Valentine: Honey Power (Sire/Warner Bros.)
Xiu Xiu: Ceremony (Absolutely Kosher)
His & Her Vanities: Moving Forward (Science of Sound)
The Walkmen: Thinking of a Dream I Had (Record Collection)
The Prefects: Barbarellas (Acute)
The Photos: Barbarellas (Epic)



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