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October 07, 2004
Buddy Holly: Rave On (MCA)
Lois: Valentine (K)
East River Pipe: Silhouette Town (Ajax)
The 6ths: San Diego Zoo (London)
Teenage Fanclub: I Don't Know (DGE)
Madder Rose: Beautiful John (Seed)
The Strange Loves: I Like You (Flying Nun)
Bhang Revival: Never Look Back (s/r)
Strike Under: Closing In (Wax Trax)
Rifle Sport: Burn 'Em Up (Ruthless)
Comet Gain: The Kids at the Club (Kill Rock Stars)
The Rondelles: Rediscover Fire (Teen Beat)
Lazy: Favorite Song (Roadrunner)
Eater: Thinking of the U.S.A. (Anagram)
The Ophelias: Strange New Glasses (Rough Trade)
Antietam: Until Now (Homestead)
Clawhammer: Sick Fish Belly Up (Trigon)
The Creamers: Milk-Fed Veal Boys (s/r)
The Spoiled Brats: Bail Me Out (MR&R)
Boys From Nowhere: Rocket to Nowhere (Datapanik)
Naked Raygun: Rat Patrol (Touch & Go)
The Dream Syndicate: Days of Wine & Roses (live) (n/a)
Beat Happening: What's Important (K)
Archipelago Brewing Co.: Criswell (Nuff Said)
Cadallaca: Cadallaca Theme (K)
The Prefects: Barbarellas (Acute)
Death Cab for Cutie: Dream Scream [D. Johnston] (Gammon)
Daniel Johnston: Dream Scream (Gammon)
Fog: Hummer (Ninja Tune)
The Birthday Party: Zoo-Music Girl (Thirsty Ear)
The Book of Knots: Crumble (Arclight)
My Dad Is Dead: Physical Fitness (Vital Cog)
Blue Orchids: Bad Education (LTM)
McLusky: Collagen Rock (Too Pure)
Big Dipper: The Bells of Love (Homestead)
Husker Du: Makes No Sense at All (SST)
The Pastels: Empty House (Glass)
Mission of Burma: Mica (Ace of Hearts)
Dangerous Birds: Smile on Your Face (Propeller)
Sebadoh: Gimme Indie Rock! (Homestead)
My Bloody Valentine: Map Ref 41N 93W [Wire] (WMO)
Art Van Dam: Voodoo Doll (Jazzbo)
Mark E. Smith: The CD In Your Hand (Artful)
M.I.A.: Galang (XL)
Urge Overkill: (I'm on a) Drunk (Touch & Go)
To Live and Shave in L.A.: Little Sleeping Girls' Pills (The Smack Shire)
Dustdevils: King Woody (Teen Beat)
United State of Electronica: It Is On! (Sonic Boom)
The Few: Rollin' Like the Tire (K)

ADDENDUM: Congrats to the winners of the McLusky and Mission of Burma tix.
*NOTE: Radio Zero will air from 10 am-noon starting next week, Oct. 14th.



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