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August 26, 2004
The Rolling Stones: Flight 505 (London)
The Roches: Mr. Sellack (Warner Bros.)
Ass Ponies: Ride Ramona (Okra)
Antietam: San Diego (Homestead)
Damon & Naomi: In the Morning (Sub Pop)
Black Sun Ensemble: Sapphire Sky Symphony (Reckless)
The Laughing Soup Dish: Now You Know (Voxx)
Frightwig: Manifest Destiny (Subterranean)
Tiltawhirl: This (Big Money)
Cadallaca: Scarface (Kill Rock Stars)
The Specials: Why (Chrysalis)
The Fleetwoods: Mr. Blue (United Artists)
Oh-OK: Person (DB)
Ora Del Graham [Library of Congress Field Recordings]: Pulling the Skiff (Rounder)
Gary U.S. Bonds: New Orleans (Varese Vintage)
Josie Cotton: School Is In (Elektra)
Pony: Grand Hotel (Homestead)
Drip Tank: Thinking of You (Cargo)
Bangs: Undo Everything (Kill Rock Stars)
Idiot (The): I'm Always Happy (Doo Doo Product)
Lydia Lunch: I Wish (Atavistic)
Middle Class: Blueprint for Joy (Velvetone)
Better Than Death: Don't Pay No Attention to Me (Lost)
The Cannanes: Middle Eastern Potentate (Feel Good All Over)
Fairmount Girls: Solar Sunday (Deary Me)
Zero Zero: AM Gold (Jade Tree)
Gareth Williams: Breast Stroke (s/r)
The Hidden Cameras: I Want Another Enema (Rough Trade)
The Bilders: Payline (Flying Nun)
Xex: Saint Vitus' Dance (The Smack Shire)
Lansing-Dreiden: Glass Corridor (Kemado)
The Fall: Bremen Nacht Alternative (Beggars Banquet)
Konstantin Raudive - The Voices of the Dead: Here is Konstantin Raudive (Sub Rosa)
Couch Flambeau: Picasso's Mailman (Couch Flambeau)
Soundhog: Where's Your Hate At? [Hives/Basement Jaxx] (
UFO or Die: Old Cold Meat (Public Bath)
Effigies: Below the Drop (1/4 Stick)
The Ponys: 10 Fingers 11 Toes (In The Red)
Fire in the Kitchen: The House was on Fire (Brinkman)
Pinback: Non Photo-Blue (Touch & Go)
Lazy: All About You (Roadrunner)
The Magnetic Fields: Infinitely Late at Night (Nonesuch)
After Dinner: Cymbals at Dawn (Recommended)
The Hold Steady: Barfruit Blues (Frenchkiss)
Alvin Lee & Company: Boogie On (Deram)

ADDENDUM: Congrats to the winner of the Effigies and the Ex tickets. It's decided: we will play the entire 16-minute-long "Boogie On" track every time the Classical DJ calls to tell us he'll be late.



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