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August 19, 2004
Don King: Revelry (Atavistic)
Jandek: I'm Ready (Corwood)
The Fall: Neighborhood of Infinity (Rough Trade)
Live Skull: Face (Caroline)
Rema-Rema: Rema-Rema (4AD)
F/i: Om Twenty-One (RRR)
Death Praxis feat. Tenko & Ikue Mori: Economic Noise (What Next?)
Latin Playboys: Viva la Raza (Slash/Warner Bros.)
Sebadoh: Ride the Darker Wave (Homestead)
Suckdog: Being in Love (Psychoacoustic Sounds)
The Fibonaccis: Somnabulist (Index)
Melvins: Zodiac (Boner)
Babes in Toyland: Mad Pilot (Strange Fruit)
Lydia Lunch: I Fell in Love with a Ghost (CD Presents)
Blondie: Look Good in Blue (Private Stock)
Band of Outsiders: Little Girl (Nocturnal)
True West: Lucifer Sam (Bring Out Your Dead)
Siouxsie and the Banshees: Fireworks (Geffen)
Big Dipper: Younger Bums (Homestead)
Squeeze: Up the Junction (A&M)
Solex: Superfluity (Matador)
The Auteurs: Lenny Valentino (Hut/Vernon Yard)
Urinals: I'm White and Middle Class (Amphetamine/Reptile)
French Kicks: Piano (StarTime)
The Russian Futurists: Let's Get Ready to Crumble (Upper Class)
Black Box Recorder: The Facts of Life (Nude)
Felt: Serpent Shade (Cherry Red)
The Organ: No One Has Ever Looked So Dead (Mint)
Drunks With Guns: Beautiful Happiness (Behemoth)
Boredoms: Hey Bore Hey (Reprise)
Eric B. & Rakim: Microphone Fiend (Uni)
Belly: Are You Experienced? [Jimi Hendrix] (Reprise)
Blondie: Maria (Beyond)
Lucy Van Pelt: Sunny (Sonorama)
The Sundays: Here's Where the Story Ends (Geffen)
The Pounding Serfs: Gravel Road Girl (K)
McCarthy: The Way of the World (Cherry Red)
Miaow: Thames at High Water (LTM)
Elvis Costello and the Attractions: Possession (Columbia)
The Schramms: Number Nineteen (Okra)
The Pernice Brothers: One Foot in the Grave (Ashmont)
New Math: They Walk Among You (Reanimator)
Alvin Lee & Company: Boogie On (Deram)

ADDENDUM: Rather schizo show today. Sorry for the bogus Alvin Lee backannouncing ("And that was Faust, with 'Gemeinschaft und Gesellschaft,' from Weltgeist on Klinik Records...") and my subsequent stupid-ass guffawing, and making a general mockery of Egon's classical show. Sometimes our goofiness gets away from us. We promise to do better next week.



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