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July 22, 2004
Fushitsusha: ?   (PSF)
Faith: Trapped   (Dischord)
Teenage Jesus and the Jerks: The Closet   (CD Presents)
Joy Division: Candidate   (Factory)
Go Team: Jigsaw   (K)
Daniel Johnston: Keep Punching Joe   (Homestead)
2 Foot Flame: Mr. H   (Matador)
Simply Saucer: Nazi Apocalypse   (Mole)
Dustdevils: Losing Ground   (Russka)
Babes in Toyland: Swamp Pussy   (Twin/Tone)
Godflesh: Like Rats   (Earache)
Dinosaur Jr.: Poledo   (SST)
Jefferson Airplane: Today   (RCA)
Damon and Naomi: Once More   (Shimmy Disc)
Flipper: Way of the World
Melvins: Boris   (Boner)
Godz: Riffin'   (ESP-Disk)
The Organ: Basement Band Song   (Mint)
The Soviettes: Pass the Flashlight   (Adeline)
Lansing-Dreiden: Glass Corridor   (Kemado)
Signer: Low Light Sleep   (Carpark)
Explosions in the Sky: The Long Spring   (Temporary Residence)
The Cansecos: This Small Disaster   (Upper Class)
Interpol: Say Hello to the Angels   (Matador)
The Thermals: Our Trip   (Sub Pop)
The Bronx: White Tar   (White Drugs/Ferret)
The Replacements: I'm In Trouble   (Twin/Tone)
The Fast: Boys Will Be Boys   (Recca)
Sniff 'n' the Tears: Driver's Seat   (Chiswick)
Fashion: Technofascist   (I.R.S.)
Iron & Wine: Each Coming Night   (Sub Pop)
The dB's: Espionage   (Albion)
cLOUDDEAD: The Teen Keen Skip   (Mush)
Bpeople: The Thing   (Restless)
Destroyer: Virgin with a Memory   (Misra)
The Chills: This is the Way   (Flying Nun)
Rachel's: Those Pearls...   (Touch & Go) 



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