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July 01, 2004
Daniel Johnston: Big Business Monkey (Homestead)
D.Q.E.: Go Bananas (Dark Beloved Cloud)
Half Japanese: Fortunate (50 Skidillion Watts)
Go Team: Scratch It Out / Bikini Twilight (K)
Fish & Roses: Robin Hood 4 (Ajax)
The Biggest Square Thing: Lottery (Ajax)
Swell Maps: Blenheim Shots (Mute)
Uzi: Gabrielle (Homestead)
Dinosaur: The Leper (Homestead)
The Darling Buds: Please Yourself (Sony)
Drip Tank: Thinking of You (Cargo)
Sonic Youth: Sunday (DGC)
Blissed Out Fatalists: Spiral (Motiv Communications)
Pony: Grand Hotel (Homestead)
Fire Party: Only Nine Mottos (Dischord)
Coral: Mime Appeal (Merge)
Zuzu's Petals: Cinderella's Daydream (Twin/Tone)
Eleventh Dream Day: Through My Mouth (Amoeba)
2 Foot Flame: Mr. H (Matador)
Nirvana: Radio Friendly Unit Shifter (DGC)
The Spinanes: Epiphany (Sub Pop)
Joe "King" Carrasco: Party Weekend (MCA)
Bonnie Hayes: Dum Fun (Slash)
Nervus Rex: Don't Look (Dreamland)
The Mutants: True Story (Mutiny Shadow Int'l)
The Troggs: With a Girl Like You (Park South)
Big Dipper: She's Fetching (Homestead)
The Chesterfields: Mr. Wilson (Strange Fruit)
Josef K: Heaven Sent (Marina)
Archaeology: 10101110 (
Human Television: Saw You Walking By (Soft Abuse)
The Wedding Present: What Did Your Last Servant Die Of? (Cooking Vinyl)
Blonde Redhead: A Cure (Touch & Go)
Directions in Music [Brown/Scharin/Warden]: track #4 (Thrill Jockey)
Lansing-Dreiden: Locks in Shadows (
The Strokes: Reptilia (RCA)
McLusky: Collagen Rock (Too Pure)
Skinned Teen: Karate Hairdresser (info courtesy of Douglas Wolk)
Tar: Welk (Touch & Go)
Steve Wynn & the Miracle 3: Candy Machine (DBK Works)
The Delphines: I Want You the Way I Want You Not How You Are (Fountainbleu)
Birdland: I'm in Love with My Walls (Add On)
Oh-OK: Person (DB)
VCR: King and Queen of Winter (Pop Faction)
The Sugarcubes: Sick for Toys (Elektra)
Snowden: Kill the Power (
Altered Images: Beckoning Strings (Epic)
The String Quartet Tribute to R.E.M.: Catapult (Vitamin)



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