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May 06, 2004
New York Rock Ensemble: The King is Dead (Columbia)
Teena Marie: Lover Girl (Columbia)
Donald Banks: Status Quo (Island)
ESG: Erase You (Pow Wow)
The Time: Ice Cream Castles (Warner Bros.)
Wendy & Lisa: Honeymoon Express (Columbia)
Seefeel: Extract (Warp)
Lansing-Dreiden: Glass Corridor (Kemado)
Lali Puna: Everywhere & Allover (Morr Music)
The Police: Darkness (A&M)
The Fall: The Reckoning (Matador)
Matt Pond PA: Closest (Look Out) (Altitude)
Midwest Product: Duckpond (Ghostly)
The New Year: Plan B (Touch & Go)
NinetyNine: I Am Not American (Choozy)
The Records: Starry Eyes (Virgin)
Let's Active: Talking to Myself (I.R.S.)
The Blue Up: I Must Do (Susstones)
Slovenly: Temp. Struct. (New Alliance)
The Reducers: Rocks (Rave On)
Spiraling: Transmitter (Brizmuzik)
Little Girls: Earthquake Song (PVC)
The World Record: VIP 600 (Flatworm)
Sebadoh: Violet Execution (Homestead)
Sonna: The Right Age (Temporary Residence)

ADDENDUM: Gave away tickets for Tortoise. Thanks to Mr. Loren Wilson for the hyperbolic praise on his website!



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