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April 01, 2004
The Bangles: Hero Takes a Fall (Columbia)
The Leaving Trains: Going Down to Town (Enigma)
Dustdevils: The Revenge of Cruiser Gurner (Matador)
Simply Saucer: Here Come the Cyborgs (Mole Sound Recordings)
Maureen Tucker: Round and Round (Trash)
Better Than Death: Don't Pay No Attention to Me (Lost)
Fish & Roses: Hero II (Homestead)
The Scene Is Now: Hepsy Brown (Lost)
Squirrel Bait: Sun God (Homestead)
Siouxsie and the Banshees: Candyman (Geffen)
Let's Active: In Between (I.R.S.)
Martha and the Muffins: Echo Beach (Virgin)
Sleeper: Inbetweener (Arista)
After Dinner: After Dinner (Recommended)
Stripminers: Down the Memory Hole (Comm 3)
OH-OK: Playtime (Collectors' Choice)
The dB's: Tearjerking (Albion)
MX-80 Sound: Follow That Car (Ralph)
Honeymoon Killers: Dip It In the Gravey (Fur)
The Students: Everyday of the Week (Rhino)
The Unwanted: The End Is Nigh (Anagram)
Girlschool: Demolition Boys (Bronze)
Chrome: TV as Eyes (Touch & Go)
Gareth Williams: Breast Stroke (s/r)
This Heat: Horizontal Hold [Peel session] (These)
Les Batteries: Polar (?)
Blonde Redhead: Melody (4AD)
The Fall: The Reckoning (Matador)
The Room: A Shirt of Fire (LTM)
Franz Ferdinand: Take Me Out (Domino)
Autoclave: Go Far (Dischord)
The Pernice Brothers: Love My Way [Psychedelic Furs] (Sub Pop)
The Adverts: Television's Over (Anagram)
The Delgados: Sucrose (Chemikal Underground)
Redd Kross: Shonen Knife (Atlantic)
The Organ: No One Has Ever Looked So Dead (Global Symphonic)
Sylvia Juncosa: Plant (SST)
Kate Bush: Cloudbusting (EMI)
Couch Flambeau: We're Not So Smart (It's Only a Record)
Iggy and the Stooges: Shake Appeal [Raw Power remix] (Columbia)

ADDENDUM: Gave away tickets for The Fall, Pernice Brothers, and Stereolab. Woo-hoo!



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