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February 26, 2004
The Replacements: I Hate Music (Twin/Tone)
Beat Happening: Bad Seeds (K)
Berlin: Metro (Enigma)
MDK: Berlin (Sixth International)
Nina Hagen: My Sensation (Columbia)
John Cale: Gideon's Bible (Columbia)
Nico: It Was a Pleasure Then (Polydor)
Dredd Foole and the Din: It All Ends Here (Homestead)
The Cars: Just What I Needed (Elektra)
The Cansecos: This Small Disaster (Upper Class)
Franz Ferdinand: Darts of Pleasure (Domino)
Porest: Skin Bitch (Seeland)
Howard Hello: Truth (Temporary Residence)
The Owls: Even Now (Magic Marker)
The Books: That Right Ain't Shit (Tomlab)
McLusky: Undress for Success (Too Pure)
Light FM: Natural Living (Electronic Battleship)
The Changes: Why Did You Wait So Long? (
A Frames: Futureworld (SS)
The Effigies: Cheater (Enigma)
The Casual Dots: E.S.P. for Now (Kill Rock Stars)
The Plastics: Good (Island)
Sissy Bar: Gin and Juice (Sugar Fix)
Christmas: Stupid Kids (I.R.S.)
Girls Are Short: Snowflake (Upper Class)
The The: This is the Day (Epic)
Chin Up Chin Up: Pillage the Village (Record Label)
Toiling Midgets: Desperation (Thermidor)
Starbean: Starbeam / No Earthly Means of Transmission (Derivative)
Scorn: Light Trap (Earache)



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