Radio Zero

February 12, 2004
Berlin: Metro (Warner Bros.)
Metric: The List (Enjoy)
A Flock of Seagulls: The More You Live, The More You Love (Arista)
Holly Beth Vincent: Cool Love (Epic)
Daniel Johnston: Poor You (Homestead)
DQE: Carnival (Colossal)
Jandek: Walking Around (Corwood)
Terry Garthwaite: What More (Arista)
Garland Jeffreys: Zoo (ATCO)
Pinback: Tres (Ace Fu)
The Ella Music Group: Sci-Fi Dreams End Here (
The Casual Dots: Clocks (Kill Rock Stars)
The Walkmen: Bows + Arrows (Record Collection)
Mclusky: Day of the Deadringers (Too Pure)
Floor: Scimitar (No Idea)
John Oswald: Birth (Seeland)
Go Team: Scratch It Out (K)
Electrelane: Gone Under Sea (Too Pure)
The Nuns: Rumania (PVC)
Mice Parade: Milton Road (Bubble Core)
The Pastels: Comin' Through (Seed)
Franz Ferdinand: Jacqueline (Domino)
Baby Lemonade: In My Head (At Night) (DDT)
The Russian Futurists: Precious Metals (Upper Class)
The Pooh Sticks: On Tape (Fierce)
Gary Numan + Tubeway Army: It Must Have Been Years (ATCO)
Lene Lovich: Home (Stiff/Epic)
The Strokes: 12:51 (RCA)

ADDENDUM: Thanks for the kind words from the winner of the DJ Spooky tickets.



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