Radio Zero

January 22, 2004
Rockpile: Play That Fast Thing One More Time (Columbia)
The Spoiled Brats: Bail Me Out (Maximum Rock & Roll)
Bored!: Little Susie (Glitterhouse)
Green on Red: Narcolepsy (Slash)
The Blue Up: We are the Garden (Susstones)
Meat Puppets: Up On the Sun (SST)
Mecca Normal: Throw Silver (K)
Ass Ponys: Ride Ramona (Okra)
Playmate: Life Is Never Too Short (Public Bath)
The Changes: Why Did You Wait So Long? (s/r)
Sonna: untitled (Temporary Residence)
The Sleepers: When Can I Fly? (Tim/Kerr)
Mice Parade: Milton Road (Bubble Core)
Varnaline: Now You're Dirt (Zero Hour)
Rufus Wainwright: Vibrate (Dreamworks)
The Tragically Hip: The Dire Wolf (Zoe)
Chin Up Chin Up: Pillage the Village (Record Label)
Bhang Revival: Never Look Back (Snake Eye)
Crime & Judy: Intimacy Surface (Latest Flame)
Gaunt: Volcano (Datapanik)
Nate Kato: Octoroon (Will/Loosegroove)
American Soul Spiders: Physical War (Sympathy for the Record Industry)
AC/DC: Go Down (ATCO)
The Honeymoon Killers: I Love To Eat It (Fur)
Dave Clark Five: Over and Over (Epic)
The Plastics: Robot (Island)
The Normal: Warm Leatherette (Mute)



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