Radio Zero

November 27, 2003

Long Fin Killie: How I Blew It With Houdini (Too Pure)
Radio 4: Start a Fire (Gern Blandsten)
Evergreen: Glass Highway (Temporary Residence)
The Sailors: Abattoir Blues (Dropkick)
Guided By Voices: Glad Girls (Matador)
Shrimp Boat: Free Love Overdrive (Ajax)
Peter Jefferies: On an Unknown Beach (Ajax)
The Lapsey Band: Dixie (Atavistic)
R.E.M.: (M. Stipe interview snippet) (Warner Bros.)
R.E.M.: Good Advices (IRS)
The Stills: Changes Are No Good (Vice)
Metric: Calculation Theme (Enjoy)
Furtips: Jester (Ajax)
The Incredible Moses Leroy: Music Makes the Sound (of Music) (Ultimatum)
Pepe Deluxe: Ask for a Kiss (Emperor Norton)
Yo La Tengo: Needle of Death (Matador)
Clag: Goldfish (Either Way)
The Bilders: Payline (Flying Nun)
Ludus: My Cherry is in Sherry (New Hormones)
Bailter Space: Make (Matador)
The Cakekitchen: Tell Me Why You Lie (Raffmond)
Frog Eyes: Masticated Outboard Motors (Global Symphonic)
The Waitresses: I Know What Boys Like (Polydor)
Creme Blush: My Statement (Industrial)
Sweet Trip: Dsco (Darla)
Howard Hello: False Hope (Temporary Residence)
Kompressor: You Will Call Me Kompressor (s/r)
Au Revoir Borealis: Waldorf Theft Song (Blisscent)
The Wake: Obnoxious Kevin (Sarah)
Beth Orton: Love Like Laughter (Arista)

ADDENDUM: Mike was at the family estate in Cape Cod this week, turning the wine and beating the servants.



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