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October 24, 2003
RADIO [365 DAYS ^ 52 SHOWS] = 0

U-Men: Papa Doesn't Love His Children Anymore (Black Label)
Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band: Dirty Blue Gene (Virgin)
U.X.A.: You Saw Me (Posh Boy)
Rikk Agnew: Falling Out (Frontier)
Blood on the Saddle: Ghost On My Heart (New Alliance)
Giant Sand: Black Venetian Blind (Enigma)
Mekons: Last Dance (Sin)
The Organ: Sinking Hearts (Global Symphonic)
The Delgados: Sucrose (Chemikal Underground)
Squab: Hanger (Revenge/Star Map)
Wire: Germ Ship (Pink Flag)
A Frames: Futureworld (S-S)
The Bronx: Kill My Friends (White)
Matmos: Regicide (Matador)
Telegraph Melts: Every Day A Sunrise, A Summer Every Year (Absolutely Kosher)
Sweetheart: Live For Me (s/r)
Blondie: Fan Mail (Chrysalis)
Metric: The List (Enjoy)
Delta 5: Mind Your Own Business (Rough Trade)
The Wedding Present: Anyone Can Make a Mistake (Cooking Vinyl)
Teenage Fanclub: Everything Flows (Matador)
18th Dye: Glass House Failure (Matador)
Hollow Heyday: Malt Criminal (Tantrum)
Josef K: Heaven Sent (Marina)
The Three Johns: Death of the European (Abstract)
Evergreen: Pants Off (Hi-Ball)
Daniel Johnston: Danny Don't Rapp (Homestead)
Turbonegro: I Got Erection (Sympathy for the Record Industry)
The Rotters: Please Don't Send Me to the Delousing Showers (Baka)

ADDENDUM: We had a lot of fun going thru each others' record collections to put our anniversary show together. Hope you enjoyed it as well! Thanks for the supportive calls and emails. Looking forward to another year of...whatever it is that we're trying to do.


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