Radio Zero

October 15, 2003

Followers of our show may be interested in picking up BOOB JUBILEE, the new Baffler magazine compendium published by Norton. Radio Zero's co-host Mike O'Flaherty is anthologized in its pages with his witty and incisive analysis of '90s indie rock culture, "Rockerdammerung," recently poo-poo'd by some hack in The Onion as "...the dreary predictability of a hipster complaining that the scene used to be cool before all the frat boys and suburbanites ruined it." The reviewer is obviously an illiterate imbecile, or at least is projecting the common consensus about his own crestfallen publication. Also check out Mike's essay in Baffler no. 15 (Winter 2002), co-written by our friend and fellow WHPK DJ Seth Sanders, entitled "44,000,000 Ronald Reagan Fans Can't Be Wrong!" It's a dead-on (and riotously funny) analysis of the tainted relationship between '60s rock, American race politics, and the right-wing backlash of the '80s, as only these two shithouse-crazy geniuses could write it.


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