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September 04, 2003
The Clash: Guns on the Roof (CBS)
Penetration: Come Into the Open (Virgin)
Nick Lowe: So It Goes (Columbia)
John Lennon & Yoko Ono: Kiss Kiss Kiss (Geffen)
Savage Republic: Tabula Rasa (Fundamental Music)
T.S.O.L.: Thoughts of Yesterday (Posh Boy)
Siouxsie and the Banshees: Spellbound (PVC)
Ultravox: Hiroshima Mon Amour (Island)
28th Day: Burnsite (Bring Out Your Dead/Enigma)
B.A.L.L.: The King Will Never Die (Shimmy Disc)
Unrest: The Gas Chair (Caroline)
Dead C.: The Wheel (Feel Good All Over)
Mecca Normal: Narrow (K)
Buddy Holly: Crying, Waiting, Hoping (MCA)
The Fleetwoods: We Belong Together (United Artists)
The Roches: Hammond Song (Warner Bros.)
Housecoat Project: Wild Wimmin (Subterranean)
The Replacements: Unsatisfied (Twin/Tone)
Mary Margaret O'Hara: When You Know Why You're Happy (Virgin)
Paul Simon: Peace Like a River (Columbia)
Tru Fax and the Insaniacs: Washingtron (Wasp)
Insect Surfers: Fascination with the Neon (Wasp)
Bonnie Hayes: Dum Fun (Slash)
Elvis Costello and the Attractions: (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding (Columbia)
Phil 'n' the Blanks: Head Screwed On (Pink)
Cadallaca: Pocket Games (K)
The Replacements: Little Mascara (Sire)
Big Dipper: San Quentin, CA (Homestead)
Unrest: I Do Believe You're Blushing (Teen Beat)
Slovenly: Distended (SST)
Bailter Space: The Aim (Matador)
Metric: The List (Enjoy)
The Evolution Control Committee: No Time For Yes (Seeland)
Interpol: Say Hello to the Angels (Matador)
Big Black: Grinder (Touch & Go)
My Dad Is Dead: Strange Highway (Vital Cog)
White Zombie: Drowning the Colossus (Silent Explosion)
25 Suaves: Over the Seas of Orion (Bulb)
Unholy Swill: Tapeworm In My Head (Noiseville)
Swans: Stay Here (Neutral)
Erase Errata: Walk Don't Fly (Troubleman Unlimited)
Tripod Jimmie: Tommy Very Bad (All Ball)
The Cyrcle: Red Rubber Ball (Columbia)

ADDENDUM: Mike subconsciously kills the Phil 'n' the Blanks track by simply lifting the needle off the record mid-song. I laughed hard. Gave away tickets to the Vibrators and Gillian Welch. Listen during the next couple of weeks for Gillian Welch CD giveaways, as well as free tickets to Interpol, Freedy Johnston, Turbonegro, and more! And thanks again for the friendly calls/emails!



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