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August 14, 2003
Fushitsusha: ? (PSF)
Sylvia Juncosa: The System (Nate Starkman)
Angst: I Could Never Change Your Mind (SST)
Go-Go's: Girl of 100 Lists (I.R.S.)
Tiltawhirl: This (Big Money)
Happy Family: Lucky (50 Skidillion Watts)
Dredd Foole and the Din: It All Ends Here (Homestead)
Divine Horsemen: My Sin (SST)
Eddie and the Hot Rods: Ignore Them (Still Life) (Island)
Tru Fax and the Insaniacs: Love Love Love (Wasp)
Mutants: True Story (Mutiny Shadow Int'l)
God and the State: Pound of Flesh (Independent Project)
Absolute Grey: Memory of You (Earring)
Altered Images: Pinky Blue (Portrait)
Plimsouls: Everywhere at Once (Geffen)
The Photos: Evelyn II (Epic)
True Sounds of Liberty: Soft Focus (Faulty Products)
Salem 66: Red Barn (Homestead)
Broken Social Scene: Stars and Sons (Arts & Crafts)
The Russian Futurists: Let's Get Ready to Crumble (Upper Class)
Metric: Wet Blanket (Enjoy "Everlasting")
New Order: Leave Me Alone (Qwest)
Purple Ivy Shadows: Stay Up to Stray (Dark Beloved Cloud)
Blur: We've Got a File On You (EMI/Virgin)
Rapeman: Monobrow (Touch & Go)
Electrelane: This Deed (The Wire magazine)
The Auteurs: Lenny Valentino (Hut)
The Bodines: God Bless (Creation)
Baby Lemonade: Secret Goldfish (DDT)
The A-Bones: Lug Nuts (Norton)
Blood on the Saddle: I Wish I Was a Single Girl Again (New Alliance)
Agitpop: Girl But Not a Friend (Twin/Tone)
Government Issue: Connecticut (Giant)
Slovenly: Orange Crush (New Alliance)
Ass Ponies: Ride Ramona (Okra)
The Natural History: Watch This House (Star Time Int'l.)
The Darling Buds: Let's Go Round There (Columbia)
The Damned: Love Song (MCA)
Zero Zero: Xanadu (Jade Tree)
Sweetheart: Fishing Show Theme Song (s/r)
The Plugz: Shifting Heart (Fatima)
R.E.M.: Moral Kiosk (I.R.S.)
The Pounding Serfs: Gravel Road Girl (K)

ADDENDUM: Gave away two sets of tickets to the Mum show at the Logan Square Auditorium. Again, thanks for the kind emails!



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