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July 03, 2003
Government Issue: Crash (Giant)
Obituaries: Hysterical (Highgate)
Rocket from the Tombs: 30 Seconds Over Tokyo (Smog Veil)
Nina Hagen: Dread Love (Columbia)
The Zeros: They Say That (Everything's Alright) (Bomp!)
The Silos: Start the Clock (Record Collect)
The Insect Trust: Our Sister The Sun (ATCO)
Sylvia Juncosa: Open Ocean (SST)
Live Skull: Sunday Afternoon Whiteout (Caroline)
Stripminers: Down the Memory Hole (Community 3)
H.P. Zinker: Down in the Basement (Matador)
The Walkabouts: End-In-Tow (Sub Pop)
Shonen Knife: Animal Song (Gasatanka)
Dinosaur Jr: Repulsion (Homestead)
Beat Happening: T.V. Girl (K)
Da: Next To Nothing (Autumn)
Man Sized Action: Start All Over Again (Reflex)
Dustdevils: The Revenge of Cruiser Gurner (Matador)
The Ex: A Motorbike in Afrika (Homestead)
Vomit Launch: Pretty Paper (Rat Box)
Bright: Plymouth Rock (Darla)
Pernice Brothers: Sometimes I Remember (Ashmont)
Blur: Ambulance (Emi/Virgin)
Wire: Comet (Pink Flag)
The Decemberists: Here I Dreamt I Was An Architect (Kill Rock Stars)
PJ Harvey: Rub 'Til It Bleeds (Island)
This Heat: Sleep (These)
Ultravox: Hiroshima Mon Amour (Island)
Animals on Wheels: Battered Sausage Wendy (n/a)
Yung Wu: Big Day (Coyote)
The Blue Aeroplanes: The Boy in the Bubble (Ensign)
Savage Republic: Ceremonial (Independent Projects)
Francis 7: Splitting In Two (Blisscent)
Tom Verlaine: Without a Word (Warner Bros.)
The Court & Spark: Rooster Mountain (Absolutely Kosher)

ADDENDUM: Gave away tix for the Gossip, the New Pornographers, and Devendra Banhart/Xiu Xiu today. J. totally insulted Mike's mom on the air!



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