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July 17, 2003
The Blasters: Marie Marie (Slash)
X: We're Having Much More Fun (Elektra)
The Pandoras: It Felt Alright (Rhino)
Rockpile: Play That Fast Thing (One More Time) (Columbia)
Holly & the Italians: Love Letter (Wounded Bird)
The Neats: Another Broken Dream (Ace of Hearts)
VKTMS: Close But No Cigar (Broken)
The Bags: Babylonian Gorgon (Frontier)
Action Pact: Suicide Bag (Captain Oi!)
The Suburbs: Cig Machine (Twin/Tone)
Girlschool: (I'm Your) Victim (Bronze)
Blake Babies: Loose (Mammoth)
Hollow Heyday: Windscreen (Tantrum)
Tru Fax and the Insaniacs: Love Love Love (Wasp)
Mutants: Twisted Thing (Mutiny Shadow International)
The Dictators: Two-Tub Man (ROIR)
Nikki Corvette: Love Me (Rapid Pulse)
Tracy Ullman: They Don't Know (MCA)
B.A.L.L.: The King Will Never Die (Shimmy Disc)
Meat Puppets: Lost (SST)
The Bangles: All About You (Columbia)
The Flesh Eaters: Fistful of Vodka (Upsetter)
Angst: Love Dissolves (SST)
The Walkabouts: Ahead of the Storm (Sub Pop)
Screaming Trees: In The Forest (SST)
Brick Layer Cake: Once Upon a Skin (Touch & Go)
Steve Albini: Spoken Word Intro Thing (Sub Pop)
Engine Down: Intent to Pacify (Lovitt)
Sweet Trip: Chocolate Matter (Darla)
The Evolution Control Committee: The Fucking Moon (Seeland)
Rah Bras: Arty O the Irst Art (Lovitt)
To Live And Shave In L.A.: When I Was With Estee Lauder (Love Is Sharing Pharmaceuticals)
The Wedding Present: No (RCA)
Drunk: Drunk Bed (Jagjaguwar)
Pram: The Mermaids' Hotel (Sub-Aquatic Refrain) (Domino)
Giant Sand: Paved Road to Berlin (Homestead)
Grauzone: Eisbaer (EMI)
18th Dye: Glass House Failure (Matador)
The Wake: Town of 85 Lights (Darla)
The Strange Loves: John Lennon (Flying Nun)
Pleasure Forever: Czarina (Sub Pop)
The Deadbeats: Your Cottage Is Nice (Vacant Lot)
Big Black: The Ugly American (Homestead)
Strike Under: Closing In (Wax Trax)
The Strokes: Sometimes (RCA)
The Cucumbers: Work Together (Profile)



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