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July 10, 2003
Beanbag: Harassment (Conflict)
Christmas: 100 Million Flowers (Conflict)
Mission of Burma: Heart of Darkness (Ace of Hearts)
Electric Eels: Cards and Fleurs (Homestead)
Band of Susans: No God (Blast First)
Honor Role: Absolve (Homestead)
Fire Party: New Orleans Opera (Dischord)
Miaow: Fate (LTM)
The Mekons: Beetroot (Virgin)
Fish & Roses: Have a Nice Day and Fried Rice (Lost)
Better Than Death: Don't Pay No Attention To Me (Lost)
Cop Shoot Cop: Disconnected 666 (Circuit)
Giant Sand: One Man's Woman/No Man's Land (Homestead)
Texas Instruments: Little Black Sunrise (Rabid Cat)
Scrawl: Standing Around (Rough Trade)
The Pontiac Brothers: Girl From El Reno (Frontier)
Shonen Knife: I Am a Cat (Virgin)
Plimsouls: Everywhere at Once (Geffen)
The Photos: Evelyn II (Epic)
Mutants: True Story (Mutiny Shadow International)
Fire In The Kitchen: Change (Behemoth)
Green On Red: Fading Away (Enigma)
Color Filter: Children of Summer (Darla)
The Evolution Control Committee: Spandau Filet (Seeland)
Les Calamites: Toutes les Nuits (Posh Boy)
My Morning Jacket: The Bear (Darla)
Oneida: Number Nine (Jagjaguwar)
Jon & Al Kaplan: Put the Fucking Lotion in the Basket (
Sun: Reach for the Sky (The Wire)
Pernice Brothers: One Foot in the Grave (Ashmont)
Drive-By Truckers: Outfit (New West)
Nina Nastasia: Superstar (Touch & Go)
Tiltawhirl: Living Legend (Big Money)
Catholic Girls: C'est Impossible (MCA)
Tru Fax and the Insaniacs: Pinned Under a Jet (Wasp)
Gordon Downie: Figment (Zoe)
Solomon Grundy: Out There (New Alliance)
Volcano Suns: White Elephant (Homestead)
Blissed Out Fatalists: Fatalator (Motiv)
Breaking Circus: (Knife in the) Marathon
Happy Family: She's Your Trashcan (50 Skidillion Watts)
Opal Foxx Quartet: Blue Exception (Long Play)
Pale Saints: You Tear the World in Two (4AD)
Starbean: OVNI 5 (iHL)
The Velvet Underground: Stephanie Says (Verve)

ADDENDUM: Gave away tickets to Dead Meadow and Pernice Brothers today.



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