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June 19, 2003
The Pagans: Boy Can I Dance Good (Treehouse)
Sahara Hotnights: Fall Into Line (Jetset)
The Stranglers: No More Heroes (A&M)
Penetration: Come Into the Open (Virgin)
Stone By Stone w/ Chris D.: Meantime (SST)
Excuse 17: The Drop Dead Look (Kill Rock Stars)
Rockpile: Play That Fast Thing (One More Time) (Columbia)
Juice Newton: Queen of Hearts (Capitol)
The Blasters: Marie Marie (Slash)
X: Dancing With Tears In My Eyes (Elektra)
Buddy Holly: Crying, Waiting, Hoping (MCA)
The Silos: Tennessee Fire (Record Collect)
Lone Justice: After the Flood (Geffen)
The Plugz: Shifting Heart (Fatima)
The Photos: Do You Have Fun (Epic)
My Bloody Valentine: Soon (Sire)
The Controllers: Jezebel (Dionysus)
The Slits: Typical Girls (Antilles)
The Mekons: Not a Bitterman (CNT)
The Roches: We (Warner Bros.)
Jad Fair and Daniel Johnston: Summertime (50 Skidillion Watts)
Beat Happening: Down at the Sea (K)
The Wolfhounds: Magic Triggers (Midnight Music)
Curver: Kalt (Smekkleysa)
Schwermut Forest: Hullenaudio (Little Teddy)
Small World Experience: Side Projects (s/r)
Pinback: Microtonic Wave (Absolutely Kosher)
Josef K: Sorry for Laughing (Postcard)
Love: You Set the Scene (Elektra)
The Mountain Goats: See America First (4AD)
Shellac: Shoe Song (Touch & Go)
The Mad Planets: Yr Version of Cool (Harriet)
The Jazz Butcher: Racheland (Sky)
Television Personalities: Girl on a Motorcycle (live) (Chemical Imbalance)
Husker Du: Eiffel Tower High (Warner Bros.)
Black Randy and the Metrosquad: Loner with a Boner (Sympathy for the Record Industry)
Family Fodder: Monkey (Dark Beloved Cloud)
Alan Vega - Martin Rev: Fast Money Music (ZE)
Sukpatch: Carving Counties (Slabco)
MDK: Berlin (6th International)
Killdozer: The Pig Was Cool (Touch & Go)
Flipper: You Naught Me (Subterranean)
Spokane: The Making of Americans (Jagjaguwar)
Shonen Knife: Insect Collector (Gasatanka)

ADDENDUM: Thanks for the requests. Gave away tickets to the American Analog Set and the Demolition Doll Rods. NOTE: RADIO ZERO will be airing starting at 9 AM for the rest of the Summer!



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