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April 24, 2003
Love Child: Sofa (Homestead)
The Ruts: Dope for Guns (Virgin)
The Suicide Commandos: Call of the Wild (Blank)
The Fastbacks: Trouble Sleeping (Pop Llama)
Acme Sewage Co.: I Can See You (Raw)
The Cannanes: I Woke Up (Ajax)
100 Flowers: Strip Club (Happy Squid)
Middle Class: Blueprint for Joy (Blueprint)
Legal Weapon: Pow Pow (Bomp!)
Tiger Trap: Sour Grass (K)
The Pontiac Brothers: She Knows It (Frontier)
Obituaries: Hysterical (Highgate)
Sweetheart: Live for Me (s/r)
Varnaline: Down the Street (E-Squared/Artemis)
Beatrice Nine: Man o' War (Zero Hour)
Deerhoof: L'Amour Stories (Kill Rock Stars/5 Rue Christine)
Mates of State: Hoarding It for Home (Polyvinyl)
The Jazz Butcher: Honey (Sky)
Unrest: I Do Believe You're Blushing (No. 6)
Chris D. & Divine Horsemen: Lily White Hands (Enigma)
Sonic Youth: Shadow of a Doubt (SST)
Tar: Mumper (Amphetamine Reptile)
Circle Jerks: Coup d'Etat (Lax)
Meat Puppets: New Gods (SST)
This Heat: Health and Efficiency (Piano)
Flipper: In Life My Friend (Subterranean)
DJ Lance Lockarm: Save the Whole World for Later [OutKast / The English Beat] (n/a)
Mutants: Opposite World (MSI)
Pinback: Offline P.K. (Ace Fu)
The Idiot: I'm Always Happy (Doo Doo Product)
Gordon Downie: We're Hardcore (Zoe)

ADDENDUM: Mike shells out for his own Pledge Drive Week prizes - vintage trading cards (Cyndi Lauper, Duran Duran, Saved By The Bell, etc.) Gives them to the lucky caller who correctly guessed how many fingers he was holding up. A couple of call-ins, another fan e-mail today. Thanks!



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