Radio Zero

March 20, 2003

Wire: Reuters (Harvest)
Public Image Ltd.: Careering (Warner Bros.)
Sly & the Family Stone: Brave and Strong (Epic)
The Urinals: The Last Days of Man on Earth (Amphetamine Reptile)
The Controllers: Neutron Bomb (Dionysus)
Siouxsie & the Banshees: Premature Burial (Geffen)
Oblivious: Fired Away (Daemon)
Angst: Love Dissolves (SST)
The Amps: I Am Decided (4AD)
AC/DC: Go Down (ATCO)
MK Ultra: All We Have (Artichoke)
Varnaline: The Hammer Goes Down (Zero Hour)
No Knife: The Red Bedroom (Better Looking)
French Kicks: Living Room is Empty (Star Time)
Idlewild: Actually It's Darkness (Capitol)
Rapeman: Hated Chinee (Touch & Go)
Ben Folds: Golden Slumbers (V2)
Blondie: Atomic (Chrysalis)
Burnside Project: Repeat After Me (Bar/None)
The Perfect Disaster: The Night Belongs to Charlie (Genius)
Chin Up Chin Up: Pillage the Village (Record Label)
Pinback: Tres (Ace Fu)
Teenage Fanclub: Everything Flows (Matador)
Black Tambourine: Throw Aggi Off the Bridge (Slumberland)
The Cucumbers: Work Together (Profile)
ClarisWorks Help Line crank call (n/a)
Astronaut Wife: Cape Canaveral (Susstones)
New Order: Procession (Factory)
Brian Wilson: Love and Mercy (MCA)



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