Radio Zero

March 29, 2003
Radio Zero "After Dark"

Killdozer: Hamburger Martyr (Touch & Go)
The Slits: Vindictive (Strange Fruit)
Halo of Flies: Headburn (Twin/Tone)
L7: Fast and Frightening (Sub Pop)
Pussy Galore: NYC 1999 (Caroline)
GG Allin: You'll Never Tame Me (Fan Club)
The Avengers: Teenage Rebel (Lookout)
Sister Ray: Miss America (Resonance)
Lazy Cowgirls: Mr. Screwdriver (Bomp!)
Huggy Bear: Shaved Pussy Poetry (Kill Rock Stars)
Redd Kross: Notes and Chords Mean Nothing to Me (Frontier)
CH3: You Make Me Feel Cheap (Posh Boy)
Vice Squad: Young Blood (Anagram)
Chaotic Dischord: Fuck the World (Anagram)
Simply Saucer: Nazi Apocalypse (Mole)
Electric Eels: As If I Cared (Homestead)
Blondie: You Look Good In Blue (Private Stock)
The Frogs: I've Got Drugs (Out of the Mist) (Homestead)
Opal: Lullaby (Rough Trade)
Mary Margaret O'Hara: When You Know Why You're Happy (Virgin)
The Velvet Underground: New Age (Atlantic)
The Chills: This is the Way (Homestead)
Siouxsie & the Banshees: Cities in Dust (Geffen)
The Plimsouls: Oldest Story in the World (Geffen)
Scandal: Goodbye to You (Columbia)
Holly Beth Vincent: Honalu (Epic)
Sylvia Juncosa: The System (Nate Starkman)
Hollow Heyday: Malt Criminal (Tantrum)
Jandek: Think About Your Lady (Corwood)
Lydia Lunch/The Birthday Party: Fields of Fire (Widowspeak)
The Dream Syndicate: Tell Me When It's Over (Slash)
The Blake Babies: I'll Take Anything (Mammoth)
Fear: Foreign Policy (Slash)



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