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March 08, 2003
Friday Focus Show: Cherry Red Records (1978-2003)

Felt: Dismantled King Is Off the Throne
Vice Squad: Last Rockers
Blue Orchids: Disney Boys
The Passage: Drugface
McCarthy: An M.P. Speaks
Tracey Thorn: Small Town Girl
Momus: London 1888
Sad Lovers and Giants: Echoplay
The Runaways: Come On
The Raspberries: Go All The Way
Marine Girls: Shell Island
Ivor Cutler: Silence [excerpt]
The Wolfhounds: Skyscraper
Chaos UK: Four Minute Warning
The Monochrome Set: Kissy Kissy
Alternative TV: Viva La Rock n' Roll
Felt: Crystal Ball
The Woodentops: Well, Well, Well
Eyeless In Gaza: New Risen
CH3: Fear of Life
The Expelled: Dreaming
Destroy All Monsters: November 22rd, 1963
Thomas Leer: Letter From America
The Only Ones: Baby's Got a Gun
McCarthy: The Vision of Peregrine Worsthorne
Marine Girls: Flying Over Russia
Momus: I Was A Maoist Intellectual
Ejected: Russians
The Popguns: Those Other Things
Dead Kennedys: California Uber Alles
Blue Orchids: Bad Education
Eyeless In Gaza: Rust Red September



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