Radio Zero

February 06, 2003

Husker Du: New Day Rising (SST)
Feedtime: Rock and Roll (Rough Trade)
The Tools: Smoke Filled Rooms (Anthology)
The Runaways: Dead End Justice (Mercury)
Germs: Hang On to Yourself (Flipside)
The Great Society: Nature Boy (Columbia)
The Front Page News: Thoughts (Collectibles)
The Obituaries: Hysterical (High Gate)
The Wolfhounds: Blown Away (Midnight Music)
18th Dye: Play With You (Matador)
Wuhling: Roberta (City Slang)
Placebo: Pure Morning (Virgin)
Gene Clark: The French Girl (Columbia)
The Monochrome Set: Jacob's Ladder (Cherry Red)
Close Lobsters: Lovely Little Swan (Enigma)
The Flatmates: Heaven Knows (Subway)
The Wedding Present: Real Thing (Cooking Vinyl)
Shop Assistants: The Train from Kansas City (Chrysalis)
Mates of State: Proofs (Omnibus)
Fire In the Kitchen: Simple English (Brinkman)
Suicide: I Don't Know (Mute)
Bonnie Hayes: Inside Doubt (Slash)
Consonant: Buckets of Flowers, Porno Mags (Fenway)
VKTMS: Close But No Cigar (Broken Rekids)
The Explosion: Conniption Fit (Jade Tree)
Buried Alive: Ten Minute Warning (Bomp!)
Laughing Hyenas: Just Can't Win (Touch & Go)
Traumatic: Time Is Gone (Anthology)
Anal Cunt: You're Gay / Hungry Hungry Hippos / Van Full of Retards / Windchimes are Gay / I Snuck a Retard Into a Sperm Bank
Subway Sect: Parallel Lines (Overground)



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