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February 20, 2003

Cheap Trick: Hello There (live) (Epic)
Motorhead: On Parole (Chiswick)
Sahara Hotnights: I'm On Top of the World (Jetset)
Elvis Presley: One Night (live) (RCA)
Litle Bob Story: High Time (Skydog)
Penetration: Duty Free Technology (Griffin)
Germs: Not All Right (Slash)
The Go-Go's: How Much More (IRS)
The Auteurs: American Guitars (Hut)
Fire Engines: Big Gold Dream (Pop Aural)
Alpha: Back (Virgin/Melankolic)
Long Fin Killie: Love Smothers Allergy (Too Pure)
Tar: Walking the King (Amphetamine Reptile)
The Jam: All Mod Cons (Polydor)
Rhoda (The Puta-Pons): Revolting (Vinahyde)
Dolly Mixture: Miss Candy Twist (Royal Mint)
Cast: Magic Hour (Polydor)
Sister Ray: The Face (Resonance)
Bureau de Change: Haircut (DTrash)
Simply Saucer: Nazi Apocalypse (Mole)
Chris Morris: Bushwhacked 2 (
Insect Trust: Hoboken Saturday Night (ATCO)
Iggy & the Stooges: Tight Pants (Bomp)
Pagans: Cry 815 (Treehouse)
Freelance Hellraiser: Smells Like Teen Booty [Destiny's Child/Nirvana]
DJ Lance Lockarm: S'wash Ya Wart? [Beastie Boys/My Bloody Valentine/Schoolly D]
2 Many DJs: No Fun/Push It [Stooges/Salt n' Pepa]
Minutemen: The Price of Paradise (SST)
The Kinks: This Is Where I Belong (Reprise)
Unrest: The Gas Chair (Caroline)
Freedy Johnston: Seventies Girl (Elektra)
Tiger Trap: For Sure (K)
The Frogs: Golden Showers (Four Alarm)
New Order: Procession (Factory)



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