Radio Zero

January 24, 2003

Ignition: Anger Means (Dischord)
Minutemen: Little Man with a Gun in his Hand (SST)
Scream: Bet You Never Thought (Dischord)
Minutemen: I Felt Like a Gringo (SST)
Simply Saucer: Illegal Bodies (Mole)
Sadistic Mika Band: Time Machine (Harvest)
John Cale: Gun (Island)
Breaking Circus: Driving the Dynamite Truck (Twin/Tone)
Flipper: In Life My Friend (Subterranean)
Josie Cotton: School Is In (Elektra)
The Pandoras: Cry on my Own (Voxx)
The Great Society: Often As I May (CBS)
Rizzo: I Know It's Late (Sympathy)
28th Day: Burn Site (Bring Out Your Dead)
Velvet Monkeys: Evelyn Marble (Shimmy Disc)
Look Blue Go Purple: Circumspect Penelope (Flying Nun)
Johnny Thunders: In Cold Blood (ROIR)
Holly and the Italians: Rock Against Romance (Virgin)
100 Flowers: Contributions (Happy Squid)
Siouxsie & the Banshees: Israel (PVC)
Cristina: Jungle Love (ZE)
The Vivians: Psycho (Hit and Run)
Sylvia Juncosa: The Star (Glitterhouse)
The Dead C.: Mutterline (Flying Nun)
Nina Hagen: UFO (CBS)
Go Sailor: Last Year (Lookout)
Jandek: Wrap It Up (Corwood)
The Silos: Over You (RCA)
Talulah Gosh: Don't Go Away (K)



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