Radio Zero

January 16, 2003

The Dictators: Rock n' Roll Made a Man Out of Me (ROIR)
Teengenerate: Grown Up Wrong (Estrus)
The Creamers: What Will the Neighbors Think (XXX)
Great Plains: Letter to a Fanzine (Homestead)
The Eyeliners: You Broke My Heart (Sympathy)
TSOL: Superficial Love (Posh Boy)
The Runaways: You Drive Me Wild (Mercury)
L7: Can I Run (Slash)
The Electric Eels: Cards and Fleurs (Homestead)
New York Dolls: Frankenstein (Mercury)
Van Morrison: Almost Independence Day (Warner Bros.)
Paul Simon: Peace Like a River (Columbia)
Galaxie 500: Another Day (Rough Trade)
The Byrds: Bells of Rhymney (Columbia)
Sly & The Family Stone: Running Away (Epic)
Bob Dylan: Tell Me Mama (CBS)
Love: Live and Let Live (Elektra)
The Geraldine Fibbers: Swim Back to Me (Virgin)
Mecca Normal: Straying Into Summer (K)
Joni Mitchell: Banquet (Elektra)
Kendra Smith: Bold Marauder (4AD)
Meat Puppets: Plateau (SST)
Randy Newman: My Old Kentucky Home (Reprise)
Husker Du: Celebrated Summer (SST)
The Halo Benders: Don't Touch My Bikini (K)
The La's: Timeless Melody (London)
Black Box Recorder: The Art of Driving (Nude)
Liliput: Feel Like Snakes Twisting Through the Fog (Off Course)
The Frogs: Raped
Lora Logic: Martian Man (Rough Trade)
2 Many DJs: No Fun/Push It (Soulwax)
Holy Modal Rounders: Hoodoo Bash (Rounder)
The Perfect Disaster: What's the Use of Trying? (Genius)
Momus: Coming in a Girl's Mouth (Le Grand Magistery)
Enon: Get the Letter Out (SeeThru)
Henry's Dress: Hey Allison (Slumberland)
Josef K: Heaven Sent (Marina)
Salem 66: Across the Sea (Homestead)
The Jerky Boys: Bamm! (Mercury)
Mary Clayton: Performance (Warner Bros.)
Public Image Ltd.: Banging the Door (Warner Bros.)
Iggy Pop: Street Crazies (IRS)
The Dondero High School Symphony Band and A Capella Choir: Fox on the Run (n/a)
Jefferson Airplane: She Has Funny Cars (RCA)
The Red Crayola: Pink Stainless Tail (Decal)
Atari Teenage Riot: Digital Hardcore (Elektra)
Nico: The Fairest of All Seasons (Polydor)
Mary Margaret O'Hara: When You Know Why You're Happy (Virgin)
Loquat: Swingset Chain (Dreams By Degrees)
The Auteurs: Married to a Lazy Lover (Hut)
Henry's Dress: Definitely Nothing (Slumberland)
My Dad Is Dead: Talk to the Weatherman (St. Valentine)



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