Radio Zero

December 12, 2002

Go Team: Rib Eye / 935 Patterson (K)
U Men: Clubs (Homestead)
Laughing Hyenas: That Girl (Touch & Go)
Cadallaca: Scarface (Kill Rock Stars)
The Dark: The Mask (Anagram)
Fluffy: Hypersonic (The Enclave)
Emily's Sassy Lime: Would-Be Saboteurs Take Heed (Kill Rock Stars)
Descendents: Global Probing (SST)
The Muffs: I Don't Like You (Sympathy for the Record Industry)
UXA: Innocent Bystander (Posh Boy)
Go-Go's: I'm With You (IRS)
Da: Silent Snow (Autumn)
Voice of the Beehive: I Walk the Earth (London)
Daniel Johnston: Some Things Last a Long Time (Shimmy Disk)
Momus: London 1888 (Le Grand Magistery)
Bowery Electric: Fear of Flying (Kranky)
The Wedding Present: Swimming Pools, Movie Stars (Island)
The Frogs: I Can't Remember (s/r)
Richard Hell & The Voidoids: Staring In Her Eyes (Red Star)
Bobby Conn: The Golden Age (Thrill Jockey)
Descendents: Wienerschnitzel (SST)
MX-80: Someday You'll Be King (Ralph)
T.V.B.C.: Listening Still (Treehouse)
Slovenly: Old/New (SST)
Wire: Champs (Harvest)
Red Scare: Then There Were None (Grand Theft Audio)
The Mekons: Not a Bitter Man (CNT)
Mates of State: 10 Years Later (Polyvinyl)
Don Caballero: Slice Where You Live Like Pie (Touch & Go)
Red Crayola with Art & Language: Imagination I & II (Dexter's Cigar)
Fish & Roses: Hero II (Homestead)
The Scene Is Now: Hepsy Brown (Lost)



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