Radio Zero

November 28, 2002

St. Etienne: Urban Clearway (Warner Bros.)
Culturecide: We're an Industrial Band (Grey Matter)
The Fall: Garden (Rough Trade)
Moonshake: Blister (Matador)
Lou Reed: The Kids (RCA)
Randy Newman: Suzanna (Reprise)
Cadallaca: Your One Wish (K)
The Chills: This Is the Way (Homestead)
The Frogs: She Was a Mortal (s/r)
Sonna: The Opener (Temporary Residence Ltd.)
Shining Path Women's Prison Chants (CSRP)
Gary U.S. Bonds: New Orleans (Varese)
Feedtime: Social Suction (Rough Trade)
The Avengers: We Are the One (CD Presents)
Magazine: Shot By Both Sides (Virgin)
The Sonics: Psycho (First American)
Dave Clark 5: Over and Over (Epic)
The Fibonaccis: Somnabulist (Enigma)
The Human Expression: Calm Me Down (Collectables)
Talulah Gosh: Bringing Up Baby (K)
The Chantels: If You Try (Rhino)
The Cannanes: Dead Animal (Feel Good All Over)
Interpol: Obstacle 1 (Matador)
Bedhead: The Present (Trance Syndicate)
This Heat: A New Kind of Water (These)
Opal: Magick Power (SST)
Savage Republic: Jamahiriya (Fundamental)
Girls At Our Best: It's Fashion (Record)



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